Overflow is an online stocks donation platform that helps nonprofits and churches accept donations of publicly-traded stock.

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Unlocking Stock Donations

Until now, the way we donate stock has been stuck in the 20th century.

While most nonprofits deal exclusively with cash donations, today’s donors hold their wealth primarily in stocks, not cash. This fundamental misalignment is making nonprofits miss out on countless donations each year.

Overflow is reinventing modern philanthropy by making it possible to donate stocks directly to nonprofits solving today’s most pressing issues.

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The Overflow Advantage

Advantage 1
Most tax efficient way to give

Donating stock is the most tax efficient way to give, reducing capital gains taxes for the donor and maximizing value for the nonprofit.

Advantage 2
Simplifying the stock donation process

Overflow automates and streamlines the process of donating stock, while also tracking donation amounts, individual donors, and fund allocation.

Advantage 3
Increasing the average donation amount

The average stock donation through Overflow is 47X the average online ACH/debit/credit donation.

Our Clients

We have already signed up 180+ of the top nonprofits in the world to use our platform, including Meals on Wheels, Golden State Warriors Foundation, WaterAid, Tipping Point, New Story, Baby2Baby, and more. Check our top nonprofits on our community page!

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Well, that was easy! Just used Overflow to donate shares. If you’re sitting on shares and want to use them to better this amazing planet, give them a try!

Tyler Wells
Engineering Leader at Twilio

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