Inspiring the world to give

We’re a group of highly motivated individuals focused on building infrastructure to make generosity frictionless across every major asset class. We believe the world of the generous can grow, exponentially.


Our Vision

Overflow is the philanthropy platform for today—pairing modern technology with an uncomplicated approach.

Our values
speak volumes.

  1. Fight to pay the bill

    Generosity is our privilege. We refuse to lead the world somewhere that we have not gone first ourselves.

  2. Always add value

    Our aim is to add more value than we take. We don't have a maintenance mentality, but a '' always aspiring to level up our product, process and the way we serve people. Any space you enter should be better after you leave it.

  3. Multiply with momentum

    We believe that results produce freedom, and freedom results in momentum. Do everything to get momentum, and once you have it, do everything to not lose it.

  4. Major on the minors

    Owners care about the details. We don't wait until it's worth it, we put worth to it. Knowing that things that never grow are things that we did not put worth to. If it's hard, we do it first and we do it well.

  5. Operate from the Overflow

    You know what gives you energy and fills your well. Do it and do it often. Schedule your rhythms of active rest, so that you have what you need and plenty leftover to give. This is overflow living.

  6. Excellence gives permission for rest

    Excellence is a contagious invitation to bring my best. At the end of the day, I can look myself in the mirror and rest easy because I gave it my all. We crave excellence and will starve mediocrity to death. All chefs invited.

Our Team

headshot of Vance

With a background in technology as a former Googler and in the nonprofit space as a church builder, Vance has experienced first hand the power of generosity and is on mission to scale that principle through technology. In addition to leading Overflow, he serves as Executive Pastor at VIVE Church, husband to Kim Roush and father to his 3 children (with 1 on the way!).

headshot of Kyle Woumn

Kyle is on mission to create dope technology for the culture. He's previously done this at companies like Twilio and through viral applications like Drakestagram. He oversees everything Product & Eng at Overflow and is always on the look out for top builders passionate to build the future of generosity.

headshot of Kim Gia

Kim is Overflow's secret weapon operating in the seat of a GM and has a wide range of responsibility including HR, People Ops, Events, and Customer Experience. She ensures that internally and externally we are set up to achieve our vision through operational excellence. Her joy is to build a team that wakes up with passion and purpose and a company that provides incredible experiences for their customers and partners.

Erik Fortin

Erik has been part of incredible inflection points within some of the top tech companies in the wold including Facebook, Square, Uber and VSCO. He's taken his wealth of experience and is applying it to the nonprofit space ensuring the top social impact orgs in the world are set up to go next level!

Headshot of Daniel Kuh

Daniel, aka Danny, is the sauce at Overflow. Passionate about creative and design that breaks through the noise and elevates the conversation, he oversees all of Overflow's Branding & Design efforts. His second biggest aspiration after helping facilitate $1T in generosity through Overflow is to one day beat Vance at basketball (which has not happened yet)

headshot of Jose Anaya

Jose is passionate about unlocking unprecedented amounts of generosity for the top nonprofits in the world. He's help build the earliest biz dev processes at Overflow that has attracted many recognizable names in the nonprofit space. Outside of Overflow, Jose lives with his wife Addie just outside of Oakland with their dogs Luna and Stormy.

headshot of Chris Villanueva

Chris is Overflow's resident ambassador. Before Chris was officially part of the Flow Fam, he would always look for ways to evangelize the work of Overflow while embodying generosity in his own life. Chris is a Bay Area native and a huge Golden State Warriors fan.

headshot of Zak Liddle

Zak was the first business development employee to join Overflow. He demonstrates great compassion for others and enjoys guiding nonprofits to solutions that allow them to make a greater impact. He lives on the Bay in Bellingham, WA. In his free time, you will find him on the tennis court, riding his mountain bike, or backcountry skiing down Mount Baker.

headshot of Alicia

Alicia has become a thought leader and domain expert in the newly formed stock donation space that we have helped pioneer. Follow her and our content team on our blog to stay up to date on the fast moving philanthropic space and how many are joining the generosity movement.

ann photo

Ann ensures that all Overflow events — internal + external, in-person + online — is delivered with incredible excellence and impact. She also doubles as people ops ninja overseeing everything from recruiting to onboarding. If that wasn't enough, she's also pioneering Overflow's newest philanthropist fellowships #watchthisspace

headshot of Kevin lozano

Kevin is employee and engineer #1 at Overflow. Hailing from Monterrey, Mexico (pronounced Mejico), Kevin has brought an awesome breadth of experience and culture to our team. Outside of work, Kevin is a huge fútbol aficionado and is also a fantastic musician.

Babs Pinette

Babs is a marketing maven who has spent her career helping nonprofits improve business outcomes like revenue, retention and growth. She is an avid open water swimmer who believes that with hard work, determination and teamwork, anything is possible!

headshot of Peter Koe

Peter is the ultimate competitor within the Flow Fam. From fitness challenges to Top Golf, he is good at literally everything. Peter's keen attention to detail makes him an awesome frontend engineer contributing to Overflow's uncomplicated user experience.

headshot of Rami Abdou

Rami is the comedian of the crew and there is never a dull moment working with him. Rami's experience as a former founder coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit has given the Overflow team a significant advantage building out our product. Rami is a huge proponent of seeing underrepresented minorites advance in the technology industry and is a huge supporter of ColorStack, an Overflow client, where he actively volunteers his time.

headshot of Paulo Quieroz

Paulo is the backbone of the Overflow engineering team. Based in Brazil, Paulo is passionate about building and eats, sleeps, and breathes code. In his free time, you can find him in the gym or doing what he does best...coding.

Headshot of Juliet Davila

Juliet is affectionately known within the team as the 'Juliet of all Trades'. She does a bit of everything with incredible joy and exudes what serving out of the Overflow is all about!

Adriel Faud

Adriel is a seasoned engineering leader with experience working at top tech companies such as Workday and LinkedIn. Adriel's curiosity, care for people, and technical experience is fuel for the Overflow rocket ship to propel forward our mission to inspire the world to give.

Alan Hon

Alan is a seasoned revenue leader with experience working at companies like Zuora, Lyft, and User Testing. He has seen every stage of a growing startup and tackles his work with a deep expertise, unique empathy, and inspiring energy.


Alli is our product design expert and ensures that we deliver delightful experiences to our customers. Alli's attention to detail and focus on ease of use has allowed donors to facilitate generous gifts to nonprofits on Overflow.

Anna Ryan

Anna is the glue to the Revenue team owning all operational responsibilities such as serving as the resident systems admin for all sales tools, running the deal desk function, sales compensation, sales onboarding and enablement, and being the central source for sales reporting and metrics.

Chris Sawyer

Chris is an incredible business mind and strategist with a unique ability to operate at a high level while also zooming right into important details to ensure the company is moving effectively and efficiently. Affectionately called Superman Sawyer within the company, he is also currently the reigning fitness challenge champion touting the most cals burned in a month! 💪

Claire Machado

Claire leads our success program and is passionate about seeing every single one of our customers unlock net new donations through Overflow. She is constantly seeking out ways to coach and advise our nonprofits, making them the heroes to their donor base.

Fernando Medrano

The only thing larger than Fernando's stature and his smile is his never-ceasing desire to create amazing experiences for the clients that he serves. Having risen up the ranks of well-respected organizations in the insurance & retail spaces, his attention to detail & care help build successful relationships wherein our clients feel like they have what they need to succeed at multiple levels

Franck Xian

Franck is a product manager on the Overflow team and ensures that everything we do is aligned with our mission and vision. Franck is customer-centric and makes sure that we have the customer top of mind in everything we build.

Garrett Zoromski

Garrett is the newest member of our Donor Operations Team and joins us from Fisher Investments. He brings a wealth of knowledge surrounding investment services, brokerages and so much more. His passion for providing an amazing experience in the Stock Donation process is matched only by his passion for helping others get to engage in generosity.

Sachin Kanektar

Sachin is a software engineer on the Overflow team helping us build the rails for generosity. Based in Chicago, Sachin comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge building scalable infrastructure that serves our customers.


Strategic Angels

Michael Vaughn

Mark Goines

TurboTax, Personal Capital,

Fidji Simo