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Overflow is an online stock donations platform that enables nonprofits to maximize their fundraising potential.


The value we bring. Invest in your potential to accelerate your fundraising capabilities through the latest technology and donor engagement tools for stock donations.

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Donor Experience

Stock Donation Experience

An elevated and beautifully designed stock donation experience that inspires big giving. The average donation through Overflow is $6,031, which is 47x higher than the average online donation through ACH/Debit/Credit.

Nonprofit Dashboard

nonprofit dashboard

A technically robust, yet easy-to-use, back office system that empowers your development and accounting team to accurately reconcile the gift and send IRS-compliant acknowledgement letters in an automated fashion.

Dedicated Fundraising Strategists


Get the most out of Overflow with an expert-led team that knows how to get donors excited about giving stock. We provide strategies and marketing elements such as custom-branded emails and social media posts so you can activate stock gifts from day one. Many consider us their ‘stock donations’ team!

Additional Benefits


Donor engagement tools

Convert donors into stock donors by letting them see the impact of giving stock through Overflow’s Tax Savings Calculator. Improve donor outreach by understanding which donors are most likely to give stock using Overflow’s Stock Propensity Algorithm.

fundraise events

Fundraising Events

Build excitement around stock donations through joint-marketing opportunities such as happy hours that help educate donors on the benefits and process of giving stock, and inspire donors to use their stocks for impact.


Back-office Automation

We automatically generate gift acknowledgement letters for you that are IRS-compliant and customizable. Simply review and send with a click of a button. Overflow takes the guesswork out of stock fulfilments so you can keep your employees focused on the work that makes the biggest difference.


Stock Liquidation Services

Overflow can deposit stock donations into any existing brokerage account. Should you want to liquidate stock donations upon receipt, Overflow can do this for you at no additional cost and send you the funds via check or ACH while preserving the tax benefits for your donors.


Dedicated Activation Team

Jumpstart stock donations in less than a week with a team that is dedicated to your onboarding experience. They will provide turn-key elements that will enable you to integrate and launch Overflow and start receiving stock donations with ease.


Overflow Knowledge Drops

Receive ongoing training, market insights, and pointers to help you maximize stock donations and best engage donors around this opportunity for generosity.


Concierge Level Support

Access a team of experts in processing stock donations that can readily answer you and your donors’ questions and ensure a smooth experience for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Studies show that nonprofits receiving stock are growing 55% faster than those that don’t. Because donors hold more wealth in stock than cash and they don’t rely on stock for day-to-day expenses, stock donations are usually larger than cash donations. The average stock donation through Overflow is $6,031, which is 47x larger than the average cash donation nationwide.

When a donor gives stock to a nonprofit, the donor and the nonprofit don’t have to pay any capital gains tax on the appreciated amount. Donors also receive a greater tax write-off at the market value of the stock upon donation, regardless of what they bought the stock for.

There are two key tax advantages for donors who donate stock over cash:

  1. The donor does not have to pay capital gains tax allowing them to make a bigger impact with their donation
  2. The donor benefits from a higher charitable tax deduction because of the larger donation

Learn more on our blog post on direct stock donations here.

501c3 nonprofits are exempt from capital gains tax. If a nonprofit receives a $100 stock and it eventually turns into $1000, the nonprofit can sell the stock and it will not be subject to capital gains tax on the $900.

Overflow is designed to be a simple and efficient way to donate stock to your favorite nonprofits. Its user-friendly platform provides donors and nonprofits with greater autonomy in how they give and receive stock donations. Overflow is in many ways complementary to a Donor-Advised Fund.

The main difference between DAFs and Overflow is that Overflow does not hold the donor’s stock in a separate account. Stocks donated via Overflow are transferred directly from the donor to the nonprofit’s brokerage. Notably, this distinction means that the donation is deployed instantly to the nonprofit, who can begin utilizing the funds without delay.

The donor transfers their shares to a DAF (this is considered a donation) and can be held in this fund until the donor directs a broker to donate it towards a nonprofit. 

Overflow can facilitate stock donations to any registered 501(c)3 public charity that is in good standing with the IRS, such as local and global charities, churches, and universities.

A 501(c)3 is a charitable organization that is exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of Title 26 of the United States Code.